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  • irfan wrote a new blog post: SBMPTN 1 year, 11 months ago

    ThumbnailTuesday is scheduled for SBMPTN—that standardized test to get into college. “Oh, it’s like SPMB?” You ask. It is. You might even ask if it is like UMPTN, or Sipenmaru, back in your days. The answer is yes. If you’re younger, you might ask if it is like SNMPTN. It is also correct. But you’re wrong […]

  • Thumbnail This week I participated in a three-day workshops on e-learning. The university has prepared the application for a while, not entirely a new project. The idea was that in the future it will be able to replace, at least some part of, conventional classroom meetings. Currently there’s still a lack of proper regulation and, of […]

  • ThumbnailWhen I was a student, I thought finals were easy for lecturers. They make exam questions, grade, and make students suffer. But it is not the case. Making exam questions and grading could really be agonizing. You’ll spend hours thinking and reconsidering if a question is too hard or too easy for students. And you’ll sure […]

    Bersama Lian Gouw (Dalang Publishing, San Manteo, CA, USA)
    Tempat terbatas untuk 40 peserta mahasiswa.
    Kamis, 25 Agustus 2016,
    Pukul 09.00-16.30
    Disediakan makan siang & snack/kopi

    Hubungi Irfan Zamzami
    Kantor Jurusan Sastra Inggris FIB Undip
    pada Selasa-Kamis pukul 10.00 – 14.00 WIB
    dengan membawa fotokopi KTM

  • ThumbnailUndip English Department is organizing the third Culture Across Perspectives (CAP) in September 21, 2016.

    Download the pdf version of the leaflet here.

  • Thumbnail Tiga pembicara yang hadir dalam seminar HISKI di Wisma Perdamaian hari ini sepakat bahwa sastra tersingkir dalam pembangunan manusia Indonesia. Pendidikan sastra di sekolah minim. Anak-anak muda tidak ada yang membaca sastra. Tidak ada dukungan dari pemerintah terhadap perkembangan sastra (seraya selalu dibandingkan dengan Malaysia). Penerbit hanya dikejar oleh penjualan ketimbang mencari sastra bermutu. Singkat […]

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